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Tired of hearing about what your robotics can't do?

The machines of yesterday have evolved. Why stick with products that haven't?

Outside the terrain is rough, and rocky. Just like MINDS-i.

Robot tough from the beginning.

Because real life doesn't take place in showrooms.

MINDS-i delivers new all terrain robots that go anywhere you do.

When you're ready for exploration with no limits.

And the freedom to forge your own path.

That's the MINDS-i view.

MINDS-i. Build inside. Conquer outside. Explore everywhere.

  • Road & Track Kits
  • 4x4 All-Terrain Kits
  • 6x6 All-Terrain Kits
  • Programmable Table Top Kit
  • Basic Sets
  • Mechanical Accessories
  • Electronics, Motors & Servos
  • Microcontrollers & Sensors

The MINDS-i Vision

MINDS-i Robotics has a revolutionary vision of what robotics should be. Our vision fuels the entire MINDS-i line of products - build a robot using our patented quick lock construction elements designed to be extraordinarily durable, infinitely modifiable and undeniably equipped to achieve the best performance, no matter where the path leads.

Robotics Evolution

First there were simulations. Then there were table tops. Today, MINDS-i hauls robotics into the 21st century by empowering users to create and modify as they see fit. This is robot building using sophisticated Arduino open-source technology that breathes new life into Science, Technology, and Engineering and Math (STEM) education.
Quick Lock and Disconnect
Load Bearing Structural Angles
Versatile Flush Mount
Power and Motion Ready